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I just finished my review of the Condor MA16 Pocket Pouch, and people asked me what I was putting inside the pouch. I created the EDC dump list here so you can see what I put into the pouch, and to give you ideas on what everyday carry essentials you might want to put into yours!

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On the front pocket of the MA16 is a 5"W x 4"H mesh pouch. I have found that this is the perfect "easy access" pouch for the things I reach for most:

  • Mini Bic Lighter (yellow in photos)
  • Gerber Dime (blue/silver)
  • Super Glue

On the left interior pocket, There are five loops to put tools and writing utensils in. Behind the loops is a full length pocket. In my carry, I have the following:

On the right side, there are two full length pockets that run the length of the pouch. There's also a flip out Badge or ID holder with a window fixed to this side.

Left Pocket on Right Side:

Right Pocket on Right Side:

  • 6 zipties of various length
  • 2x AA batteries (lithium, not shown, but in pocket)
  • 2x AAA batteries (lithium, not shown, but in pocket)
  • Stanley Screwdriver Pen (PH0, Ph1 phillips heads & 1/8, 5/32 flat heads, yellow top peeking out of pocket)
  • Gorilla 32GB USB drive (hanging from safety pin)

Flip Out Pouch:

  • Click to enlarge image condor_ma16_back.jpg
  • Click to enlarge image condor_ma16_back_2.jpg
  • Click to enlarge image condor_ma16_back_3.jpg
  • Click to enlarge image condor_ma16_front.jpg
  • Click to enlarge image condor_ma16_front_2.jpg
  • Click to enlarge image condor_ma16_open_left_side_view.jpg
  • Click to enlarge image condor_ma16_open_right_side_view.jpg
  • Click to enlarge image condor_ma16_open_side-view.jpg
  • Click to enlarge image condor_ma16_pouch_view.jpg
  • Click to enlarge image condor_ma16_top.jpg

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