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What Is An Everyday Carry?

It all begins with thinking about the things you carry every day already. Chances are you grab the following items on your way out the door:

  • keys
  • phone
  • wallet
  • and maybe a watch

Everyone has things that they carry every day, it's just that most people don't think about it because it has become a habit.

Everyday carry isn't anything secret or special. You don't necessarily need to do anything more than you already do. What you carry on your is your EDC.

Why Is Everyday Carry a Thing?

Everyday Carry has gained popularity among people that already are aware of what they carry around at all times, and want to enhance their everyday carry for either style or function (and sometimes both). Carrying a specific set of EDC is does not imply that the individual is a "prepper" or "survivalist", even though common folk blur the lines all the time. An Everyday Carry is when you are aware of what you carry, and seek other items to keep with you that will make life easier and better.

Everyday Carry is Not Survival or Prepper Carry

Survivalist and preppers historically prepare themselves and families for emergencies, disasters, "without law (WOL)" and total survival situations. Generally speaking, a survivalist will stock items needed for one's own survival.

An Everyday Carry may have a basic first aid kit, knife, and sometimes a firearm, but beyond that, you will not see many EDC dumps that have survival and disaster preparedness tools.

Assembling your Everyday Carry

Beyond the things you already carry with you every day, consider the things that you might want to have with you at all times.

Some of the most commonly included are:

  • Hankerchief
  • Flashlight
  • Pocket Knives or Multi-tools

These are things that at any given moment during the day, you are able to pull out of your backpack, pocket or bag and use to make life easier.

Other things you might want to consider carrying are:

  • Over the counter medications (Ibuprofin / Asprin)
  • personal hygiene products
  • notepad and pen

Whatever you stock your everyday carry with, it has to be useful to you, so if carrying that melon baller around in your EDC makes sense (If you're a Hawaiian chef, perhaps), then by all means, carry it!

The whole point to Everyday Carry is to just have what you need. Have I said that enough?

The thing is that you can easily overdo all the gear that you want to take with you.


Carrying too many things can just be a burden. A very heavy burden. I get the fact that you want to be prepared for anything, but after loading myself down when I was new, I really found that it's best to find a happy medium between having the stuff you need, and being portable and mobile. I eventually slimmed my EDC down to three Coghlan's pouches.

What Carries your Everyday Carry?

Think about the place you'll want to put your stuff if you are going to be carrying more than what would fit in your pockets or on your belt.

An EDC Bag is nothing more than carry-all that fits your individual personality, style and carrying capabilities. Some people carry backpacks while others prefer messenger bags, and then there's those who prefer belt pouches just to carry the essentials. Whatever your style, make sure that the bag or pouch you choose will work for your EDC.

Buying the bag first and then trying to assemble an EDC that will fit into the bag doesn't work. You'll either have a bag that's too big for what you need to carry, or too small. Either way, assenble your Everyday carry items first and then look for a bag that works for you.

Consider Your Environment and Activities

Would you really need to carry a water purifier if you sat next to a water cooler at work? Not likely. Would you need to have a notepad if you worked in an art store? perhaps. Considering your activities and the environments you are most in should be a big factor to what you carry. While snacks and personal hygiene products always are a good choice, think twice about the things you'd bring that don't really fit a need.

Putting It All Together

In the end, all you're doing is enhancing what you carry with you everyday to be more useful and functional to help you get through the day with less stress or worry. What you put into your bag is up to you, and can be a deeply personal choice, especially when it comes to style. Some people may like a high tech, metal style and others might choose the rugged tactical gear as it might be better suited for their needs.

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The Everyday Carry caters to Preppers and Individuals that have an interest in Everyday Carry. This is not a Survivalist or Disaster Preparedness website. If you are interested in what to carry everyday to make your (and your family's) life better, than this is the correct place to be. An Everyday Carry is simply the items that you carry everyday, and there is a general interest in what others carry in their backpacks, messenger bags, tactical pouches and on their person.

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Share what you carry every day with others to give ideas and help them become better prepared for everyday life.

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