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The Roco RFID Blocking Slim Wallet Offers Security and A Low Profile!

Roco RFID Blocking Slim WalletWallet bulk sucks. For me, there's nio reason to be carrying around a wallet that's thicker than my... um nevermind. ;D The Roco RFID Blocking Slim Wallet is perfect when you want your wallet to maintain a low profile for either front or pack pocket carry. The Roco Slim Wallet holds money and cards securely, and is offered in 5 designs.

  • Ultra Slim Profile
  • Never-Break band
  • Easy card access from either side
  • 20 Card Capacity

$109.95 17% OFF!

$14.95 + free shipping



The Hitch & Timber Card Caddy

English Tan EDC Card Caddy Horween Leather Wallet for Everyday CarryThe H&T "Card Caddy" is a simple yet effective way to ensure you are prepared for the day ahead. This handcrafted leather wallet with pen and pocket knife holder is made to order. Cut, stitched, & burnished with great care by human hands. Crafted with 4oz American tanned Horween leather. Horween's English Tan Dublin leather is a rustic vegetable tan infused with a rich blend of natural waxes. This gives the leather a supple dark surface that showcases the natural grain.

  • Fits: (1-6) cards
  • (1) Small Pocket Knife (ie: Swiss Army Cadet, Buck 55)
  • (1) Fisher Bullet Space Pen or pen of similar size
  • Dimensions in inches: 2 3/4" x 4 1/4"
  • *Made in USA* Proudly located in Baltimore, Maryland




ECM07 Slim Magic Wallet Is A Perfect Low Profile Solution to Wallet Bulk!

ECM07 Magic WalletIs your wallet bigger than the Incredible Hulk? When you put it in your pocket, does it look like a huge mountain in your pants? Sure, if you want your @ss to look more well endowed than you are, then sure, go ahead and stuff that behemoth back into your pocket, but if you like to maintain a low profile and run with the essentials, the ECM07 Magic Wallet fits the bill for what you need.

Even with 10 cards loaded and some cash, it's still less than a 1/2 inch thick making it the perfect wallet to throw in either your front or rear pocket.

$24.95 56% OFF!

$10.99 + free shipping (on orders over $35)


Crabby Gear Men's Wallet Available in 9 Band Colors

crabby walletThe Crabby Wallet is the perfect balance of Minimalist Design & Maximum Utility. First introduced as an incredibly successful Kickstarter Campaign, the wallet is Made 100% of Elastic Construction and will adapt to be as big or as small as you need. Firmly hold anywhere from 1 to 10 cards while also bundling your cash, phone & a key or two. Oh yeah... It's pretty sweet looking too!

We love the Crabby Wallet partly becuse of it's name, but also because it's just really cool, but it's easily affordable. The only thing that we don't like is that keychain clasp. UGH! our keys ripped off getting out of the car on the first use! Better change that to something better if you get this wallet.

$29.95 50% OFF!

$14.95 + free shipping (on orders over $35.)



Stylish HuMn Carbon Fiber Mini Size Wallet is perfect for a low profile!

HuMn Mini CF WalletThe HuMn 3K Twill Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber plates go through a special process that allows them to shield against unwanted RFID skimming. As the pre-preg carbon fiber fabric is laid up, a layer of EMI/RFI shielding mesh is placed in between the pre-preg carbon fiber sheets. This process is unique to HuMn Carbon Fiber Wallets and also creates an eye catching finish as the EMI/RFI mesh can be seen sandwiched between the carbon fiber layers.

  • Width: 3.80″ (96.52mm)
  • Height: 2.53″ (64.26mm)
  • Thickness per 2 plate wallet: 0.10″ (2.54mm)
  • Weight: 1.6 oz. Aluminum / 1.1 oz. Carbon Fiber

$140.00 29% OFF!

$99.99 + free shipping



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    M258A1 Decon Kit smI stumbled across the M2581A1 Decontamination Kit at the local Army Surplus store this past week. It's a military chemical decontamination kit used up to roughly 2001, and you can easily find these kits online. Most of the sources that I see are selling the weatherproof boxes without the kit, and that's exactly what you want. These boxes are perfect for small medical kits, your EDC personal carry, electronics, or even to be used for Geotagging, burying cash and valuables or something where weather resistance is key. I'd only purchased two of these containers, but I'm going to have to go back and get more... Like 10 more!

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    Pokemon Go isn't just for kids though. There are Millenials, Gen-X'ers and even senior citizens playing the game. The streets are hopping with Trainers at all hours, and this one game has done something that no other game could ever accomplish: Bridge the gap between gaming and the real world.

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    Drones have become all the rage these days. There's thousands upon thousands of those little quadcopters available, and I realized that I could actually carry one with me in the EDC for when we're out hiking, camping or just about any other time when I want to have a bit of fun. These First Person View (FPV) Drones are really cool and I love flying them. Being able to see the world from above has a ton of benefits. Read on to find out how.

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  • M/22/Best Buy Employee

    sanoran scamp edc reddit 175Reddit user, sanoran_scamp is one of those hard workin' boys in blue... No, not a cop, but one of those smiling, helpful guys at Best Buy! Recently, he decided to reveal what things a true customer service professional carries when on duty or off work. Check out this fantastic EDC.

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  • M/29/OH System Administrator

    fluffyangel88 everyday carry dump 175Reddit user, FluffyAngel88 keeps a clean and simple Everyday Carry. Just the things that's needed at any given time. Wallet, Keys, Flashlight, Knife, Multitool and pen and Field Notes. What else could you ask for? Read on for more information about this layout.

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  • End Of November Everyday Carry Update

    every day carry 11262016We're coming down to the end of November, and into the Holiday season. It's the time when we're all going places, visiting family and seeing old friends again. While this is more of a Personal Carry, It's changed over the past couple months. I have stopped wearing the cargo pants so much, and am back to wearing jeans. With the loss of the extra load carrying capacity, I had to make some tough choices about what I was going to carry every day.

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  • Everyday Carry Altoids Tin Mini Smalls

    altoid smalls edc contents packed

    The Altoids tin is one of the best, and least expensive ways to store and carry small objects.

    I have used these little tins for years to hold small things like computer screws, nuts and bolts, fishing hooks and sinkers, and a lot of other stuff, but just recently, I completed one of the things that I've always wanted to do:

    Create a small, functional everyday carry inside an Altoids Smalls container.

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  • Condor MA16 Pocket Pouch EDC Dump

    condor ma16 front

    I just finished my review of the Condor MA16 Pocket Pouch, and people asked me what I was putting inside the pouch. I created the EDC dump list here so you can see what I put into the pouch, and to give you ideas on what everyday carry essentials you might want to put into yours!

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The Everyday Carry caters to Preppers and Individuals that have an interest in Everyday Carry. This is not a Survivalist or Disaster Preparedness website. If you are interested in what to carry everyday to make your (and your family's) life better, than this is the correct place to be. An Everyday Carry is simply the items that you carry everyday, and there is a general interest in what others carry in their backpacks, messenger bags, tactical pouches and on their person.

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