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EDC Bag Dump 26/M/Systems Administrator

EDC Bag Dump

Systems Administrators, and those in IT in general are pretty fascinating people when it comes to EDC Bag Dumps (I should know, I’m one of them). Some are equipped to the gills, while others like to keep it simple. mrh3llman from Reddit appears to be of the latter crowd. His Bag Dump contains just enough to be purposeful, yet not enough ...

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New Additions to my EDC

New Additions to my Everyday Carry

Besides for having a so-called “Flashlight Fetish”, I also have a thing for notebooks and pens. I was at Barnes and Nobel earlier tonight and found a couple new additions to my everyday carry. Many of you already have seen the Moleskine Pocket Cahier that I carry around all the time, but I decided that I’d put a bigger notebook into my ...

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An Engineer’s Everyday Carry


metamonology laid out his everyday carry and it’s very nice. Armed with a Moleskine Notebook and Ball Point Pen, he’s ready to jot down any note that comes his way. The phone and wallet are essentials and of course, keys to get into the house. It all adds up to be a very nice everyday carry. iPhone 5S Dodocase Durables sleeve ...

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A Clean Personal Carry


Jeremy is one of those people that likes a certain style, and we’d have to say that he’s got really good taste in everyday carry. The Ti2 Sentenel S4S caught our eye initally, but the Hinderer XM-18 is really nice! Even the Prometheus Writes is a beauty. I think we’re done here. Excellent dump. Fishbone Piranha Mas design k80 nitecore ...

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EDC Bag Dump With Art And Style

EDC Bag Dump

Everyday Carry: RogerAgneEveryone likes a well laid out EDC bag dump, and Roger definitely has that. His Everyday carry has just about everything a guy needs to stay mobile for the whole day. There’s an excellent balance of tech to analog – The Asus Transformer to Sketchbooks.  Asus Transformer Book T100TA Sketchbook Executive Cambridge Tilibra Sketchbook Super Man DC Comics Victorinox SwissChamp ...

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NYC Everyday Carry Pocket Dump


Tony has a simple but functional everyday carry. I have stood by the Streamlight Microstream as the EDC flashlight of choice for myself, and love to see it in other pocket and bag dumps. I love the long throw and durability that the microstream has to offer. The Spyderco Grasshopper knife is also an excellent choice when you just need a good blade. This EDC Knife strong and durable, ...

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Why You Need an Emergency Mylar Blanket in the EDC

emergency space blanket

I’ve carried a mylar emergency space blanket in my everyday carry since April of this year. This past weekend, I was thankful to have it. Our family was traveling over to Ann Arbor for a gameday event at the big house on Saturday and as usual, I had my EDC along with me. I never expected that I would have ...

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Medical EDC by Bill


Bill took the time to lay out a really nice everyday carry dump for us to check out. First thing we noticed was the 3M Littman stethoscope and the Scalpel blade… Hope he doesn’t have a huge freezer with body parts at home! LOL.  Seriously, though. It’s a really nice dump, organized chaotic arrangement that just appeals!

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Mark’s Everyday Carry


OK. Mark had us with the keychain Sriracha Hot Sauce Keychain. It’s my favorite and goes on just about anything. Gotta get one of those. Besides for that, we love the CRKT Knife, Space pen and just the overall layout of this everyday carry bag dump. Very nice!

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Every Damn Day Carry


Everyday Carry is just that. Every damn day, and Leif takes those words to heart. Carrying his Gerber, Casio and Ray Bans, he says:“This is what I keep on me everyday, aside from the hank, which changes daily. As an electrician, I’m very hard on watches, so I look for tough cheap time pieces that I can beat up. The ...

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