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US Army Compass Pouch LC-1 Coat & Belt Everyday Carry

thumb US Army Compass Pouch EDC 10

The US Army Medical / Compass Pouch (LC-1) is a nice little nylon pouch that at one time, was used to hold the compass or medical supplies. I like these pouches for their portability and the fact that you can stick one in any coat, pocket or clip to your belt. It’s small enough to not draw attention, but has ...

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Do You Need An RFID Blocking Wallet, Or Is It Not Necessary?

thumb do i need an rfid blocking wallet

Do I Need An RFID Wallet? Ever since RFID blocking wallets came out, people have been wondering “Do I really need an RFID wallet?” Here’s the thing. In the good old USA, most credit cards, IDs and other cards don’t have RFID yet, and beyond that, “Skimming” information from an RFID card, the hacker (if you will) would need to ...

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Navy Seal Team 6 Survival Kit vs Solkoa SUMA PSK

2019 navy seal survival kit solkoa survival kit suma elite PSK

Ever wonder what's in a US Navy Seal survival kit? Since we're all into everyday carry, wouldn't it stand to reason that we should look at the kits the true professionals, Seal Team 6 and the other Navy Seals carry should disaster happen when they're on missions? Perhaps most of us will never be sent on a top secret clandestine mission other than trying to buy Christmas presents for the kids, but hey, take one from the best of the best and have at least one of these in your car, house or EDC bag for true emergencies.

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Corsair Stealth Survivor USB Drives And USB Drive Encryption

Corsair Survivor USB Drive Kid Tested

This is my Niece. The Corsair Stealth Survivor USB Drive Survived Her Teething Habit I’ve had a lot of USB drives die on me over the years. Some got water damaged when I accidentally ran them through the wash. Others were crushed in a parking lot (no joke… really happened). Some of them were cheap and data got corrupted. Anyone ...

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What To Put In Your Winter Survival Kit For Your Car

winter survival kit for your car

Winter Is Coming… No, that wasn’t a Game Of Thrones reference… Winter is the harshest season here in the northern US and Canada, and you want to be sure that you’re prepared when you take your holiday road trips to Grandma’s house or wherever you happen to be traveling to. It’s gotten really cold here in Michigan over the past ...

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M/22/Best Buy Employee

sanoran scamp edc reddit 175

Reddit user, sanoran_scamp is one of those hard workin’ boys in blue… No, not a cop, but one of those smiling, helpful guys at Best Buy! Recently, he decided to reveal what things a true customer service professional carries when on duty or off work. Check out this fantastic EDC.

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M/29/OH System Administrator

fluffyangel88 everyday carry dump 175

Reddit user, FluffyAngel88 keeps a clean and simple Everyday Carry. Just the things that’s needed at any given time. Wallet, Keys, Flashlight, Knife, Multitool and pen and Field Notes. What else could you ask for? Read on for more information about this layout.

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The Pocket Runt 2.0 By Hitch and Timber

Hitch and Timber Pocket Runt 2.0 EDC Wallet Caddy “The Pocket Runt 2.0“ is a great way to keep your pocket tools protected and easily accessible while keeping the weight down. The Leather pocket slip is fitted with an elastic band to fit many different size pens including, Fisher Space pens and Kaweco Liliputs. This handcrafted leather sleeve is made ...

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Field Notes Reporter Notebooks

Set of two 70-page top spiralbound memo books. Each book measures 3.75″ wide by  8.25″ tall, with college ruled lined paper (9/32″, or 7.1mm), and a pocket on the inside. From Field Notes: For years, people had been asking us to make a Reporter’s Notebook. So we did. Our Summer 2016 “Byline” Limited Edition was apparently exactly what people had hoped ...

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DQG Fairy / DQG Spy Micro EDC Flashlight 200 Lumens

DQG Fairy LED Micro Flashlight

The DQG Fairy (DQG Spy) is a micro LED Flashlight that's perfect for situations where space is very limited but you need a good, reliable flashlight for everyday carry. This ultra small flashlight measures just 1.18 inches (30mm) long but puts out a whopping 200 lumens on high. The flashlight is made of brass and you can get one with or without a tritium vial in the base. The tritium lasts 25 years without the need for rechaging as standard glow in the dark items would require.

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