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Vapur Element Collapsible Water BottlesSummer in almost upon us, and staying hydrated is always important.

We've been to the zoo many times last summer, and without fail, you'd an emergency where someone just dropped or got really dizzy from heat exaustion.

The loss of body fluids can sneak up on you, for sure, but one thing you should consider carrying in your everyday carry this summer are a couple of collapsible water bottles. 

Most of us can just stop at a store and pick up a few bottles of water, but what do you do when the water runs out? 

How to choose binoculars

how to choose your binocularsI don't usually carry binoculars everyday, but they are definitely one of the things that I keep in my car. I usually grab them when the family and I go out for walks in the woods and when I go hiking around, but other than that, the only other times that I pull them out is when there might be a lunar eclipse, at an airshow or some other event that I really want a better view.

There are quite a few different binoculars available, but when I purchased mine, I was looking for smaller, more compact ones as opposed to the full size pouch carried binoculars. I feel that if I ever did need to carry them for distances, or out of necessity, a smaller set would fit better into my bag than having to carry a whole separate pouch.

coming down with coldBesides for having some kind of first aid kit in your everyday carry bag, having some basic medications right at hand when you need them can also be a real lifesaver. Whether it's cold or flu season, or that mysterious allergic reaction that just hit you, when you have exactly what you need makes life so much better and easier.

There are some basic medications that I make sure that I have, whether in the car's glove box, In my Everyday Carry bag or in the desk at work, I know that if I need something, it's within reach easily.

I put my over the counter (OTC) medications in small 3x4 reclosable bags I picked up at Michaels, regardless of individual wrappings. They are sorted into the following three bags:

  • Cold & Flu
  • Allergies
  • Aches and Pains
  • Health and Wellness

how to use watch as compassYou Don't Need That Compass Watch!

Its quite possible that you don't need to buy that expensive compass watch you've been looking at for the past couple months. In fact, you can use just about any watch to figure out the compass directions pretty easily. 

While you usually can just position the sun as east or west of where you're standing depending on the time of day, using a watch as a compass will be a bit more accurate.

Motorola TALKABOUT MH230R walkie talkiesOur Family Walkie Talkie Communication Solution

In A Family, Communication Is Key

Our family takes regular daytrips to really cool places on weekends. We like to go exploring in local forests and parks. Sometimes we head to the Zoo. Other times we go up to large malls to do a bit of shopping. Regardless of where we go as a family, every family member has their own walkie talkie. We've found that having personal communication devices such as walkie talkies are great for communication with the whole family. 

We didn't want to have to spend money on monthly phone service for the three younger ones -- they don't need phones... yet.

coghlans pouch dumpI got into "Everyday Carry" as a lifestyle back in April 2014 when I stumbled across Patriot36's YouTube channel late one night.

I already was carrying the things that I needed with me, such as a multitool, flashlight and knife, for example, but I didn't know there was a name for it. After watching the "EDC Backpack" series he did, I realized that this was the name of what I was doing all along.

I got really into it and soon was carrying way too much gear, because this was all I knew at the time. Yeah, a noob mistake.

Over time, I worked with my Everyday Carry to optimize it the way I wanted it, and essentially, the single EDC became two EDC's:

  • One for work
  • One for weekends

While this was great, I also realized that I was purchasing duplicates of a lot of things since I had two bags now. Things like flashlights, first aid kit and my trusty notebooks and pens were all being duplicated in both bags.

The problem was became apparent when my boss called me on a weekend, and I jotted notes down in the notebook I carried on weekends.

notebooks and pens

Ever wish you had a notebook or something to write down a phone number or note on?

How many times has this happened...

I got a call from my boss about 1pm. I'd just been on the job for a few weeks at the time. He wanted me to do a number of things, a few of which were to contact clients about issues they were having.

I realized half way through the conversation that I didn't have anything to take notes on. Nor did I have a pen. I was about 300 yards from the car, installing network fiber.

Can you imagine his irritation as he waited for me to jog back to my car for a pen and notebook?

MecArmy SGN3I like having a flashlight with me at all times.

Keychain Flashlights are conveniently small, and are carried usually on a keychain or in a pocket due to their small size. 

I prefer to carry mine in my pocket so it's always with me as opposed to putting it on my keychain where I might leave it across the house.

A Keychain flashlight is usually less than 2 inches long and either very thin or of small diameter if it's cylindrical. They usually use either coin cell batteries (like the 2016, 2025 and 2032 cells), or the popular LR44 or LR41 button cells (like hearing aid batteries). A keychain flashlight usually puts out 7-30 lumens and run times vary between 1 and 8 hours.


zombie apocalyse survival

Most of us like imagine how easy it will be to navigate through the zombie apocalypse without a care in the world. However a real life zombie apocalypse would leave us all crying for our momma’s (just as long as she’s not trying to eat your face off). So we’ve come up with real life ways in how the zombie apocalypse would absolutely suck as well as some simple items that you can get today that would make the ordeal a lot less…sucky. Of course over at Escape From Zombies we tend to get advice that is a bit different than the normal zombie survival guide does. 

So the lights are going to go out, the fresh food is going to run out, the water could be tainted, and that’s just within the first few months…oh don’t forget about winter coming up. Want some good news? Here it is. You have time to prepare for all of this! You can be ready when it happens and survive the zombie apocalypse.

Whats in your everyday carry

Someone asked me the question today, "What's Everyday Carry?" As usual, my answer was short and sweet: "Its the stuff that you carry around everyday either out of necessity, or to make life better." They looked perplexed for a moment, looking at my EDC bag and everything dumped out and sorted on the desk at work. "Why are there all these things? Do you always carry them? Why?" The short answer that I gave him was "Because these are the things that I either regularly need or want with me every day." Sure, the answer was simple enough. He shrugged and turned away, but for the rest of the day, I was sitting there wondering why it is that we carry these things every day -- especially for a guy like me that just a year ago, never gave a second thought to everyday carry, or what I have with me.

Why Do You Everyday Carry?

Exotac Firesleeve

Having sure fire, even in the pouring rain is extremely important. Smokers will vouch for that statement! I have thankfully never needed to start a fire for survival purposes, but know that my lighter will work even under the most rainy conditions is something I thankfully don't have to worry about. The Exotec Firesleeve, found on Huckleberry is perfect for any everyday carry where you want to make sure that you have sure fire. From putting one in the bugout bag (if you have one), or in the car to just keeping one on you in your backpack means that you'll be able to get a light when you need it.

The Firesleeve fully encases a cheap $1 bic lighter (that's ultra reliable, by the way), in an airtight, waterproof sleeve so that it's ready to use when you need it. The waterproof sleeve fits the standard size Bic Classic Lighters perfectly and actually does keep water and moisture out!

Latest Bag Dumps

  • US Marine's Everyday Carry [Blackscout Survival]

    thumb Chance Sanders EDC coverI like watching the BlackScout Survival videos on YouTube. Most of the time, I'll watch them at night when I'm laying in bed trying to get to sleep, but earlier today, one of particular interest was published, "A Marine's EDC", and I had to watch it during my lunch.

    US Marine Chance Sanders (The Broken Arrow Survival School - FB Page) takes a few moments to show us what's in his Everyday Carry. Thank you to BSS for putting up a really nice video!

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  • Senior Computer Engineering Student EDC [20/M]

    thumb senior computer engineering student edc El IsoReddit user, El Iso, posted a very nice EDC. With the two knives, lighter, flashlight and a few other items, we'd say this senior computer engineering student has what it takes to make the grade... at least his everyday carry does.

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  • US Army Compass Pouch LC-1 Coat & Belt Everyday Carry

    thumb US Army Compass Pouch EDC 10A couple days ago I stopped in Joe's Army Navy over in Royal Oak, MI. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but as always, I walked out with some items. One of the items was a Compass Pouch (LC-1). I had a few of these a while ago, and I really liked them to keep small items in. With this one, I decided that I'd use it as a very small Pocket Everyday Carry that holds a few OTC Meds and First Aid. Due to it's small 4"x4"x1.5" capacity, it's perfect, and these compass pouches like mine, usually come with an Alice Clip that was the Molle System's predecessor. I like this little clip because it's easy to clip the pouch to my belt if needed. Let's take a look inside to see what I've put in it.

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  • M/22/Best Buy Employee

    sanoran scamp edc reddit 175Reddit user, sanoran_scamp is one of those hard workin' boys in blue... No, not a cop, but one of those smiling, helpful guys at Best Buy! Recently, he decided to reveal what things a true customer service professional carries when on duty or off work. Check out this fantastic EDC.

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  • M/29/OH System Administrator

    fluffyangel88 everyday carry dump 175Reddit user, FluffyAngel88 keeps a clean and simple Everyday Carry. Just the things that's needed at any given time. Wallet, Keys, Flashlight, Knife, Multitool and pen and Field Notes. What else could you ask for? Read on for more information about this layout.

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The Everyday Carry caters to Preppers and Individuals that have an interest in Everyday Carry. This is not a Survivalist or Disaster Preparedness website. If you are interested in what to carry everyday to make your (and your family's) life better, than this is the correct place to be. An Everyday Carry is simply the items that you carry everyday, and there is a general interest in what others carry in their backpacks, messenger bags, tactical pouches and on their person.

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