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Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer

The Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer is perfect for those who prefer to optimize their everyday carry by only carrying what's needed for that moment.

There's nothing better than having all your everyday carry items organized and stashed neatly away. In a previous post, I illustrated my Coghlan's three bag EDC system that I currently use because I do carry a lot of stuff, but for those of you that don't like to carry everything, check out the pocket organizer for a single, go to place for all your edc items.

powerbanks 1600

Packing a Portable USB Phone Charger in my Everyday Carry proves to be useful more than just a few times a week. For me, I don't know how I could get through the day without one. Funny thing is, it isn't just my phone that I charge. Portable USB Chargers charge just about anything that charges from a standard USB plug, and besides newer smartphones, I charge my AA and AAA batteries, Vape, run a USB LED light and yes, charge my Hubsan X4 H107C drone batteries! Currently, I have three "on the go" soruces to charge from: Two 2200mAH portables and any one of my three laptops that I have with me at any given time (All have sleep and charge USB ports). I just ordered two Anker Powercore 20100mAH portables as well for my tablet and whatever else needs charging.

New Additions to my Everyday CarryBesides for having a so-called "Flashlight Fetish", I also have a thing for notebooks and pens. I was at Barnes and Nobel earlier tonight and found a couple new additions to my everyday carry. Many of you already have seen the Moleskine Pocket Cahier that I carry around all the time, but I decided that I'd put a bigger notebook into my bag for extended notetaking. A Cahier only lasts me a month or so, so having something bigger might save me a bit on buying replacement cahiers.

emergency space blanket

I've carried a mylar emergency space blanket in my everyday carry since April of this year. This past weekend, I was thankful to have it. Our family was traveling over to Ann Arbor for a gameday event at the big house on Saturday and as usual, I had my EDC along with me. I never expected that I would have to use it for more than just creature comforts, but as we were driving down 5th Avenue in Ann Arbor, a Bicyclist was hit by a left turning car that never saw the cyclist coming from behind.

As the cyclist entered the intersection, the car turned and sent the bike skidding about 15 feet away, and the cyclist himself, onto the hood, then down to the street, unconcious. I parked my car about 10 feet from the cyclist to block traffic from getting too close, and my wife and I jumped out.

food storage shelves1Sure, Just like anyone else, I like the thought of being stocked on food in case there was a disaster, but today at lunch, as I was opening a can of Meijer Chicken to toss in the Lipton Dry Chicken Noodle Soup, I noticed that the due date on the chicken was May 12, 2018, and I bought six of these 5oz cans for $.89about three months ago (June 2015). I then picked up the noodle soup box and checked it's date. May 12, 2016. I'd also purchased this box of soup on the same day as I got the chicken.

Totally curious now, I reached over and grabbed the Stakist Tuna pouch also in my food stash. Good until April 28, 2018. Researching on the internet, I found some interesting articles about food storage for emergency and disaster situations.

100 hour candlesAnother essential to carry in the car during winter is a long lasting emergency candle. I have three 100 hour emergency candles ready to go for when the temperature drops below 40 all day. These aren't really candles, but actually are liquid paraffin that burns through a wick. I have ones that are made by Sterno because I found them at Walmart for $5 on sale, and I got the last three. I will probably order a set of "Clear Mist" 100 hour candles from Amazon as well to have in the home just in case the heater goes out or something. A set of three is just over $20, while a set of 12 is just under $75, so I'll probably purchase the 12 pack.

tactical gear reallyThere's a plethora of tactical EDC Gear and tac-style gear that's flooding the market. These consumer products look and feel like the stuff that police, swat and military would use, but is offered to the general public. In the beginning of my interest in Everyday Carry, I was bitten by the bug, and purchased some "tactical" EDC Gear. A couple backpacks, Molle pouches and of course, flashlights.

I'm focusing on Tactical Bags and Backpacks here because they're the most visable as they're not concealable.

everyday carry gearEveryday Carry Gear is a deeply personal and situational choice.

I've seen a lot of similar edc dumps lately. Just about everyone has the Field Note journals, Fisher Space Pens and so on. Your Everyday Carry gear should be personalized for you. Just because a slew of other people are using something in their everyday carry, doesn't mean it's going to be right for you. Your EDC Gear should fit your unique situation in life, and be able to meet the need whenever called for.

snacks in carHaving Snacks and water in your car can save your life. Sure, in extreme cases, it actually could, but as a father of four, I'm talking about times when the hunger monster strikes and you're kids are grouchy, hungry and thirsty -- and you're desperately wishing they'd fall asleep to give you a bit of peace. 

Carrying snacks in the car can save you from total and utter self destruction at the hands of your kids...

im not a survivalistSo I'm going to get up on my soapbox for a second (after I dump out the emergency rations, Pemmican and 5 year water pouches... LOL) and take a stand on something that comes up a lot for those of us that carry dedicated items around as our EDC.

On many occasions, the people at work, at the locations I'm sent to or even out and about on weekends with my family call me a "Survivalist" when they talk to others and referring to me. It's understandable because almost none of them have even hear the term, "Everyday Carry". They just know that Survivalists are those "extremists" that are preparing for a total breakdown in social order, law and failure of communications and utilities. Just because I do happen to carry a knife, pen, notebook and a bag that has other items that I want to have with me at all times, does not make me a survivalist.

The biggest difference: I just want to have the things that will get me through the day, not the end of the world.

winter edcWinter is just around the corner, and it's about time to "winterize" the EDC with items that the family needs for outings in near-zero temperatures. I've already begun thinking about what I'll be putting in the the Weekend EDC (or family time EDC). These additions will be going in my Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack for the most part, but can also be easily moved to the full size backpack during work days.

I've already pulled out the sunscreen, bug spray and itch cream so my bag is feeling a bit lighter right now.

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