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12 Essential Medications To Carry In Your Everyday Carry

Besides for having some kind of first aid kit in your everyday carry bag, having some basic medications right at hand when you need them can also be a real lifesaver. Whether it's cold or flu season, or that mysterious allergic reaction that just hit you, when you have exactly what you need makes life so much better and easier.

There are some basic medications that I make sure that I have, whether in the car's glove box, In my Everyday Carry bag or in the desk at work, I know that if I need something, it's within reach easily.

I put my over the counter (OTC) medications in small 3x4 reclosable bags I picked up at Michaels, regardless of individual wrappings. They are sorted into the following three bags:

  • Cold & Flu
  • Allergies
  • Aches and Pains
  • Health and Wellness

Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)

Ibuprofen | Aches and Pains

Ibuprofen is one of those OTC's that I like to have a lot of. I got a pack of 50 Ibuprofen tables (2 tabs in each pack) on Amazon. Ibuprofen is one of those OTC medications that just about everyone that I know can use. It's quite handy to have these around, and I have four packs (8tabs) in the Aches and Pains bag.

Bayer (Aspirin) | Aches and Pains

As an alternative to Ibuprofin, I also carry four packs of bayer (2 tabs per bag) in the Aches and Pains bag. It's always good to have a second alternative, especially when dealing with headaches.

Aspirin can also help to intervene with a heart attack, and having Bayer around helps (as opposed to Tylenol).

The reason is that many people have seen the Bayer Heart Attack Commercials, and have grown to understand that Bayer, as a brand of aspirin can help to stop a heart attack. In truth, Aspirin is what you need, not the brand. At any rate, if you happen to be at a restaurant or some place, and someone starts to have a heart attack, giving them Bayer brand Aspirin causes a lot less worry than another brand due to Bayer's marketing.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, When someone is having a heart attack, Aspirin works faster if you chew it than just swallow a pill. 

Midol Menstrual Complete | Aches and Pains

Don't look at me weird. I have two women in the house that get cramps. Midol is much like any other NSAID, but it was designed for cramps in mind, and trust me, the girls don't complain about me carrying this for them.

Allergy Medications

Claritin | Allergies

I pack 2 individual claritin travel pack tabs all the time, but during spring and fall, I will pack 4 rather than two. When you have allergies, you're miserable. Trust me... I get them bad! Having these tabs around really makes the day suck less!

Benadryl | Allergies

I keep benadryl primarily to fight allergic reactions (food allergies, bee stings, etc...) that either my friends and family or I might encounter. When someone gets hit with an allergy, short of having an epi pen, Benadryl is the next best thing. If the affected person is able to either crush or chew the tab, then like the Aspirin described above, they will begin to feel relief within a few minutes.

Cold and Flu Remedies

Dayquil & Nyquil Soft Gels | Cold and Flu

I also pack both Dayquil and Nyquil in the cold and flu bag. The ones that you find in drug stores come in these little bubble packs where there are two gelcaps per bubble. At any rate, since they're sealed, I just toss them into the bag.

I put three dayquil bubbles (6 gelcaps) and two nyquil bubbles (4 gelcaps) in to the bag

Alka Seltzer | Cold and Flu

Another essential I carry is Alka Seltzer. I carry the individual 2 tablet travel packs, available on Amazon for 50 packs (100 tablets). These are more of an office thing than used while out traveling, but I have four packets in the Cold and Flu bag.

Halls Cough Drop Packs | Cold and Flu

I also have a pack of Halls cough drops in the Cold and flu bag. They're just the single packs that you find in Gas Stations, and have 9 per pack. They're always a nice thing to have around when your throat is sore or you have a stuffy nose.

Health And Wellness Supplements

TUMS / Rolaids | Health and Wellness

Heartburn sucks, and it can happen without much of a warning. When you got it bad, it can really make the day suck too. I carry two small rolls of antacids. I have one TUMS roll and one Rolaids. It's more to give people a choice of what they would prefer than anything else. 

Emergen-C | Health and Wellness

Emergency is just a vitamin C booster. I will take this on first signs of a cold coming on to try and help my body fight whatever it is that's trying to attack me. I carry six packets, enough for two days (3 packets a day).

5 Hour Energy Drinks | Health and Wellness

While these bottles don't fit well into a bag, I have two in the car, two in the bag and two in my desk. Not everyone likes them, or even believes they work, but for me, when I need them, there are there.

Daily Multi Vitamins | Health and wellness

I have a small bag of my personal daily vitamins. There are just for me. They don't treat any ailment, but are a good supplement for when you have that really bad lunch on the go!

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