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tactical gear really

Do You Really Need Tactical EDC Gear?

tactical gear really


There’s a plethora of tactical EDC Gear and tac-style gear that’s flooding the market. These consumer products look and feel like the stuff that police, swat and military would use, but is offered to the general public. In the beginning of my interest in Everyday Carry, I was bitten by the bug, and purchased some “tactical” EDC Gear. A couple backpacks, Molle pouches and of course, flashlights.

I’m focusing on Tactical Bags and Backpacks here because they’re the most visable as they’re not concealable.

As time went on, I began wondering wether having tactical EDC gear was really a good buy, or just expensive novelty items.

In a Bugout Situation, you’ll Want to Blend In

So if the world economy crashes, and there’s civil unrest or worse, a state of martial law, do you really want to be seen with a tactical bag trying to get from point A to point B? NO, you need to blend in to the point where people won’t notice you or remember you.

Having a Tactical Bag in Walmart Makes You Look Suspecious

The tactical bag or molle does attract attention. People will notice — including store security. Chances are, you’ll get tailed by a plain clothes rent-a-cop to see if you’re stealing anything. When I walk in with the “Jansport” backpack, no one even blinks an eye.

Tactical Gear Is Great for PaintBall and Airsoft, but anywhere else, you might have an issue, or it’s just not needed.

Try getting through TSA at the airport with a large Tactical Bag. It looks threatening. They’re going to look you over a couple times, and most likely, check the bag. Next thing you know, you’re in TSA security answering questions why you have a signal mirror, four packs of matches, paracord and 100 feet of duct tape in the bag. Chances are that they won’t believe you that you’re just carrying around your EDC either.

Tactical Gear Screams “Extremist, Radical Militia”

Wearing tactical EDC Gear also gives the impression that you’re from some extremist militia outfit, or just crazy. Who wants that?

Real servicemen and women can sniff out a poser.

Don’t try to be something that you’re not. Active, off duty and retired military can tell if you’ve served just by how you carry and equip your bag.

Looking the part without being it also can lead up to trouble. What are you going to do if you get called out? It would be embarrasing to have to admit that you’re really not military.

There’s a time and a place for tactical gear. I’ve dedicated the tactical bag to hiking and camping only now. The large size is of an advantage to me, but do I really need to have it? There’s plenty of other hicking bags that can carry a lot more, but then again, I don’t like wasting money on things I don’t use either. So now, I’m rather stuck with this Tactical EDC Gear I barely use.

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