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Protect Yourself Legally With A Body Cam.

There's the saying, "No pictures, no proof" which simply means that if you don't have photos or video, whatever you said happened, didn't happen because you can't prove it. That's why we're looking at cheap body cameras to add to your everyday carry. In a world where fights and shootings can break out at any time, having a recording device such as a pen cam or body cam that's ready at a moment's notice is almost an essential for the EDC. For law enforcement, body cams are critical for gathering evidence and many police departments require their officers to wear one. Body cams, as a general rule can be worn and used in public areas in every state, but check your local laws just to be sure.

Imagine this: You're out on the town with your loved one, minding your own business, and some drunk frat boy stumbles over to you and tries hitting on your partner. You step in to protect your loved one, but he throws an unexpected punch and lands one on the side of your face. You end up recovering quickly and thowing some punches of your own, you take down the drunk

Next thing you know, you're being sued by the drunk guy for physical damages, hospital bills and legal fees.

In court, it's your word against the drunk's, who somehow, got an excellent lawyer. It's not looking good for you, and you're sitting there wishing you had proof that he attacked you, not the other way around.

Body cams can prevent situations like these -- as much as dash cams can be used in auto accidents to prove innocence.

Wearing a body cam can be done discreetly where you're not strapping a big camera to your chest. Police officers make sure their cameras are visable and many of those cameras will blink to let you know you're being recorded. For the officer, they want you to know they're recording everything, but as a civilian, that's not the point. 

If we find ourselves in an altercation, or we see something that's just darn funny, don't we always wish we had a video of that?

Low Profile, Discreet Body Cameras

The body cams that we're looking at are inexpensive, but can be discreetly worn in a pocket, on a belt or even on the strap of your backpack if desired. They're low profile body cameras that don't attract attention and many of them have IR for night recording situations.

XANES M11 1080P Pocket Cam - $33

XANES M11 1080P Pocket Cam

The Xanes M11 Body Camera is equipped with a swivel head so you can move the camera up or down 90°, offers a 4 hour real-world recording time and a 12 hour standby time. The overall weight is 2.75 ounces and the body cam measures 3.8"L x 1.18"W x 0.6"D - small enough to sit in any pocket. The body camera has a fixed pocket clip to keep the camera head above the line of your pocket. The clip is plastic, so attaching the cam on the inside of your belt is not recommended unless you're wearing a very thin belt. This camera does not have night vision! See below for the night vision model.


XANES T69 Infrared Night Vision Body Cam - $42

XANES T69 Infrared Night Vision Body Cam

This camera is almost identical to the XANES M11 above with the exception that the swivel head can move a full 180°, it has three fixed IR LEDs (mounted to the pocket clip) for night use (effective range: 15 feet) and is smaller, measuring 3.5"L x 1.14"W x 0.35"D. The camera records in 720P@30FPS or 1080P@15FPS Most of the time, the 720P is fine for everyday use. Real-world run-times are 3.5 hours recording, 6 hours standby. This body cam supports cards up to 128GB, but 32Gig cards are enough if you "loop" the recordings so they overwrite themselves if there's nothing you want to save. The only thing that I don't like about this camera is that they put the microphone on the side of the housing. It's below the pocket clip so you're essentially recording audio through your pocket.

Additional features of this camera are that it has one key recordingmotion detection, so you can leave it hidden on your desk or in your car, and it will only record when it senses motion. The camera also has charge and record functions so you can leave the camera attached to a battery pack or plugged into the wall (microUSB charge port) and keep the camera recording indefinitely. 


XANES K6 IR Nightvision Camera - $52

XANES K6 IR Nightvision Camera

This body camera is essentially the same as the T69 above, but the IR LEDs are mounted on the swivel with the camera, and can be turned off when not needed during daylight hours. The microphone is also higher up on the body which is nice, and the body cam has a real-world runtime of about 5 hours and a 14 hour standby time. It has motion detection, low power standby and can take up to a 128GB MicroSD card. This unit is a bit wider than the other two at 3.14"L x 1.88"W x 0.66"D.


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