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New Additions to my Everyday Carry

New Additions to my EDC

Besides for having a so-called “Flashlight Fetish”, I also have a thing for notebooks and pens. I was at Barnes and Nobel earlier tonight and found a couple new additions to my everyday carry. Many of you already have seen the Moleskine Pocket Cahier that I carry around all the time, but I decided that I’d put a bigger notebook into my bag for extended notetaking. A Cahier only lasts me a month or so, so having something bigger might save me a bit on buying replacement cahiers. On another endcap, I found the Moleskine Click Roller Pen which would accompany the notebook nicely, so I bought both.

Back in the car, I check to see what kind of refill the pen takes, and to my excitement, it takes the PR4 Fisher Space Pen Refill! I immediately ditched the roller cartridge that came with the moleskine pen and replaced it with the Space Pen refill making this Moleskine pen, a write anywhere pen! I’m pretty excited about it right now as I write this up.

The LED Light Lighter was just an impulse purchase at the local Citgo gas station on the way home. I saw them sitting on the counter for $1, so I picked up five of them. Hell, the darn thing costs less than replacement batteries, and the lighter itself is refillable. Figure that in a pinch, the lighter flashlight will do fine at close range under 5 feet.

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