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What’s In The Winter EDC?

Winter is just around the corner, and it’s about time to winterize” the EDC with items that the family needs for outings in near-zero temperatures. I’ve already begun thinking about what I’ll be putting in the EDC for the Weekend EDC (or family time EDC). These additions will be going in my Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack for the most part, but can also be easily moved to the full size backpack during work days.

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I’ve already pulled out the sunscreen, bug spray and itch cream so my bag is feeling a bit lighter right now.

Keep in mind that these are just additions to the existing EDC (which includes sure fire – Lighter, waterproof matches and firestriker/tinder) so I’m not listing everything in this blog post.

Winter Everyday Carry Add Ons

12x Hand Warmers
I will be carrying 12 disposable hand warmers (two for each person) to keep the hands or feet warm of course. Nothing kills a good time like frozen extremedies. These will sit in the main pouch of the Versipack

2x SOL Emergency Blanket
The SOL Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket offers higher heat retention than the $1 “cheap” mylar blankets (and comes in green rather than reflective chrome so it doesn’t attract attention like we’re survivalists), we can wrap all kids up in one blanket to keep them warm at football games or other outdoor outings if needed. My wife and I also can wrap up in the other one and stay warm. These will go into the side pocket of the Versipack.

I have two Thermos Vacuum Insulated 25-Ounce bottles that I picked up on Amazon for just over $10 each. They keep hot liquid hot for up 10 hours in real world use (rated for 18 hours by manufacturer) in winter.

On a side note about this thermos, Last year, I left one of these with hot coffee in the car on accident one day (it was roughly 20F) and came back after work and still had warm coffee. It was about half as hot as when fresh, but it was 10 hours later too. This goes into the bottle pouch on the left side (from front) of the Versipack.

Winter Medicine bag

  • E-mergency Original (1000mg packets)
  • E-mergency Immune (1000IU Vit. D)
  • Children’s chewable cold & flu
  • Adult cold & flu (pills)
  • Ibuprofen (both child/adult)
  • Dayquil/Nyquil gel pills (2 of each)
  • The medicine bag will fit inside the front zipper pouch of the Versipack.

While the idea of this winter EDC is not survival, there are items in here that will make life in the cold a lot more managable and fun for the few hours we may be out hiking a winter trail or going sledding. We generally don’t go out of cellular phone range or walking distance to help during our day trips, so long term supplies are not a factor.


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