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Why You Need an Emergency Mylar Blanket in the EDC

I’ve carried a mylar emergency space blanket in my everyday carry since April of this year. This past weekend, I was thankful to have it. Our family was traveling over to Ann Arbor for a gameday event at the big house on Saturday and as usual, I had my EDC along with me. I never expected that I would have to use it for more than just creature comforts, but as we were driving down 5th Avenue in Ann Arbor, a Bicyclist was hit by a left turning car that never saw the cyclist coming from behind.

As the cyclist entered the intersection, the car turned and sent the bike skidding about 15 feet away, and the cyclist himself, onto the hood, then down to the street, unconcious. I parked my car about 10 feet from the cyclist to block traffic from getting too close, and my wife and I jumped out.

While we didn’t want to move the cyclist in case there were broken bones or other internal injuries, my wife made the call to dispatch and let them know what happened. I covered the cyclist with the emergency blanket until the paramedic unit arrived to take over. The cyclist did regain conciousness before being taken to the hospital. No major injuries from what he could tell, and was coherant enough to thank my wife and I (along with others who helped direct traffic and stand ready to aid).

It was just an unfortunate accident, but accidents do happen. A space blanket is small, compact and easy to carry with you everyday, so I encourage everyone reading this to pack one for those “just in case” moments.

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