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Why You Should Carry A Lighter In Your EDC

lighting fire 1600

Not everyone smokes, but having “sure fire”, such as a lighter, weather proof matches or even a ferrocerium striker is worthwhile carrying in your EDC bag or pocket. Besides for being able to light up a smoke for someone else, you will always have the means to start a fire if needed, and that’s one of the first points in any survival guide. 

Lighters Are Useful Tools

They’re perfect for melting your kid’s shoelace ends so they don’t fray while on the go, Cutting off one of those plastic hanging tags on clothing you just bought at a department store, and will definately get rid of that girl’s phone number written on a napkin at the bar last night, if you have to go home to your wife (Learn the “Ashley Madison lesson follks… leave no trace).

I carry a few different ways of starting fire with me. Besides for just a BIC mini lighter, I also carry 25 wind/waterproof matches and a ferrocerium StrikerStriker so that fire can be started in almost any situation. I don’t really expect to have to use any of them, but they’re there just in case I need them.

Oh, and they’re handy if a riot breaks out. LOL

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Source: The Daily Mail

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