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Teachers always tell you "come to class well prepared", and if your Everyday Carry has a loadout like Ephidrineon's on Reddit, you'll be acing classes all year long! For starters, check out the Mil-Tech tactical backpack. When he walks into class with one of those, you know he's serious stuff. He's got pencil, pen, paper and everything else he needs to get through a day of learning (except snacks IMHO), and does it true EDC style!

Weekend Pocket Dump

Going out with the family is always some of the best evenings I have. I keep my personal carry down to a minimum when we go out. It always seems like to kids want mom and I to carry things around for them, so I've learned to keep the pockets mostly empty.

Sung gil

Reddit user, Sung-Gil, a 20 year old student proudly lays out his everyday carry in"Blacked out carry for today" We appreciate the uniform black theme of his EDC, but feel that the Fisher Space Pen should have been replaced by a black pen for this carry. Either way, it's still very nice.

EDCDAD Pocket Dump 1600

Some people can never have enough light. EDCDad seems to be one of them. Three flashlights counted in his pocket dump, he says "One's to loan or give to a friend". Saaay... I need one! Other than that, we like how simple and clean the pocket dump is, and that 1TB Drive is really nice.

BearsOnUnicycles 1600

Reddit user, BearsOnUnicycles, posted his Everyday Carry, and by the looks of it, he's not talking about the day "Black Friday". There's certaintly a lot of black gear here, and those wallets look sweet! Check out the gear list by clicking the title above!

visceralintricacy 1600EDC Style and Function all in one! Usually we see Everyday Carry loadouts that are one or the other. Some are built for style, but really don't have much function, and then on the flip side of the coin, there's the bags that are all fuction and no style. We're not saying one is right and the other is wrong, but we are saying that we really like to see the ones that blend the two together.

Oh, and we really dig the Boker Bolt Action pen!

Halifornialove 1600We love to see clean and neat EDC bag dumps! Everything here has a purpose, and as far as Everyday carry is concerned, everything you'd need to get through a work day (minus food and drink). We're not in love with Mag lights or wallet multi-tools, but hey, if they're you're thing, by all means, carry! We do however, really like the Gerber Dime and Paraframe I. Excellent choices!

bringtharain 1

Reddit user, bringtharain, posted his EDC Backpack dump for all of us to see. Check out the loadout! We're big fans of both the Fisher Space Pens and Moleskin Cahier Notebooks, and we also have to say that the ThorFire PF0 isn't a bad EDC light either. We do kind of question the need for the Zebra F-301 as he already is carrying the Fisher, so it's just extra weight as far as we're concerned.


Fairly simple but I'm looking for input/suggestions mainly for the amount of keys that I am carrying. At the moment they're all just on a small carabiner but it proves to be bulky/annoying depending which client site I'm at for the day. Because some of the keys are non-standard, it makes picking a key holding solution somewhat tough.

Not in the photo is my laptop case, currently using a simple officemax folder for paper documents (invoices, quotes etc) looking for a nice leather compendium to replace it.
Wallet is hopefully going to be replaced with "The Card Cage" on Kickstarter, if it gets funding

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    thumb AmazonBasics Ultralight Packable Day Pack Backpack 1I've carried a packable backpack in my main Kenneth Cole reaction (work) backpack for years. The actual packable backpack has changed from time to time, but there's always one in the backpack. Having a secondary backpack has come in handy many times over the years, and it's one of the first things that I check for when I do a bag inventory to make sure I have what I need in my Everyday Carry.

    Packable backpack are usually very light, and when packed up, don't take much space. Often, I'll use mine when I'm going to lunch, or to an off site client meeting and I don't need to carry the whole main bag (it's 20lbs). This list of packable backpacks are some of the best that you could have in your EDC in case you need more hauling capacity.

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    thumb I used a sterno stove to make coffeeI have the benefit of being able to work from home a lot of the time. Tonight is one of those nights, and I decided that I wanted a bit of coffee to help keep me going while I worked. Now, depending on how flexible your work environment is, you may even be able to make coffee at your desk like I'm doing tonight, but you might want to save this for when you're at home and no one can tell what to do.

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  • Do You Need An RFID Blocking Wallet, Or Is It Not Necessary?

    thumb do i need an rfid blocking walletEver since RFID blocking wallets came out, people have been wondering "Do I really need an RFID wallet?" Here's the thing. In the good old USA, most credit cards, IDs and other cards don't have RFID yet, and beyond that, "Skimming" information from an RFID card, the hacker (if you will) would need to have a reader inches away from the card. The fact is that if you don't have any RFID chips in your cards (not to be confused with the chip cards with the smartchip embedded) then you don't have anything to worry about and having an RFID wallet is not necessary. If for some reason you do have an RFID card, the hacker would have to get uncomforatably close to you in order to get a read on the card. All else failing, it would be possible to place an RFID reader under a chair that you sit on, bringing the skimmer within range, but again, other than security companies showing all of us that it's possible and scaring the masses, this really hasn't been an issue in the US at all, partly due to the slow inception of RFID technology.

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  • Corsair Stealth Survivor USB Drives And USB Drive Encryption

    Corsair Survivor USB Drive Kid TestedAwhile back, I happened to get ahold of a Corsair Stealth Survivor USB Drive.

    It was an impulse purchase, but what tech geek (like me) could pass up a really cool USB drive like this? After a three months of hard use, a couple run ins with my niece using it for a teething toy, and dropping it from twenty feet, it still works 100%.

    What an excellent investment!

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    winter survival kit for your carIt's gotten really cold here in Michigan over the past couple weeks. It feels like I just got done raking leaves. Now I'm putting together my winter survival kit for my car, and I realized that it's time for my 2017 Winter vehicle survival kit blog post. I've written a couple of these types of posts before, but this time, we'll take a look at the things that you might want to have in your car in case of emergencies, getting stranded, or breaking down on the road as you travel these holidays.

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