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sanoran scamp edc reddit 175

M/22/Best Buy Employee

sanoran scamp edc reddit 175Reddit user, sanoran_scamp is one of those hard workin’ boys in blue… No, not a cop, but one of those smiling, helpful guys at Best Buy! Recently, he decided to reveal what things a true customer service professional carries when on duty or off work. Check out this fantastic EDC.

Retail jobs can be a drag. From grumpy customers to long hours on the floor with nothing to do. That’s why guys like sanoran_scamp have what they need with them in their personal carry. From a couple knives that are tasked with cutting the new stock of the pallets on Truck Day, to checking your watch every two minutes during a mid afternoon on a Tuesday. Yes, hats off to you guys, laborers of all laborers, stockers of the stores we all love to throw money at, masters at the “disappearing salesman” magic act, we salute you!

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