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Monday EDC (Back In The Saddle)

There’s been a lot of things that have happened since I was actively involved in Everyday Carry as a lifestyle. I started a new job, lost the job (laid off due to lack of work on employer’s part), started my own business and now that things are settling out a bit, I can come back to this hobby, passion and website. I never stopped carrying items in my Everyday Carry, I just was too busy to update this site.

I thought that the first post to start things off again would be what I happen to be carrying today. Actually, most of it is sitting on my desk. I work from home now, but all these items are sitting right next to me on my mouse mat.

Starting on the left:

  • Marathon Pilot’s Navigator 41 mm Watch – This watch is special as it was the last gift that my parents gave me while they both were still alive. I only wore this once for a special occasion. It stays on my desk in a protective case when I want to enjoy it, or in the gun safe any other time. Sure, it’s not a thousand dollar time-piece, but it has sentimental value.
  • Rotring 600 Ballpoint – I had a Rotring 600 in the mid nineties and loved that pen. Before everyday carry was even a thing, that pen was always on me. I had it until 2002 when it got lost on a family vacation. The one in this picture is a new one. I just got it last week. I finally decided to replace the pen I so loved in my youth. It has a Fisher Space Pen cartridge to make it even better.
  • Pokka Pocket Pen – My friends over at Pokka make some really great pens. While the Rotring stays in my backpack, the Pokka pen stays in my pocket. I love them because they’re so cheap that if I happen to lose one (I’ve lost three now), I don’t cry over it. Hats off to Pokka Pens for thinking this great design up!
  • MRF SmartRuler – This little pocket ruler is the perfect wallet EDC tool for those who jot notes often. There’s no blade so it will get through TSA just fine. It has metric on one side and imperial measurement s on the other.
  • Folding Razor – For opening letters and boxes primarily.
  • Streamlight MicroStream AAA Flashlight – I’ve had this for at least two years now. You can see it in a lot of my other EDC pocket dumps. Not the brightest AAA in the world, but absolutely from my experience, the most reliable!
  • Gerber Dime Multitool – I actually don’t like the Dime. The file sucks and who uses the retail box opener when this multitool has a knife? It’s going to be replaced soon, I just don’t know what I want yet.
  • 3″ Notebook I got at a conference – I go to a lot of tech conferences. There’s always a place where companies are giving away free stuff. I collect these pocket notebooks, toss the pens because they’re garbage, and have a bazillion t-shirts and coffee mugs!
  • Earbud/Mic to PC converter – This converter really comes in handy for video conferences and Skyping. I just use my regular phone earbuds that have a mic on the cable along with this converter when I have to make PC calls and do webinars (and play video games).
  • 3″ USB Cable – For those moments when I don’t have any other cable to charge my devices (also have a MicroUSB to USB-C converter next to the FIFO wall charger)
  • Gaming Headset to Android/iPhone 3.5mm Jack & USB converter – Yeah, sometimes I use my gaming headset for business calls. LOL
  • Yi 4K Action Camera – I carry this camera in my backpack everywhere. You never know when you might need it! Not Shown: Mini Tripod
  • Fit’s Link Gum – Picked a bunch of these gum packs up at a Japanese Grocery Store. They taste a bit like Orbit gum, but better and more minty!
  • Earbuds – My normal oversized earbuds. I usually wear these to make it obvious that I can’t hear anything (like my bosses’ whining)

Working from home, I don’t go out as much as I did when I had a job, and it takes far more discipline! I love doing this, and even though I don’t really need to have an EDC unless I go out, I still like collecting the items.

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