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thumb Chance Sanders EDC cover

US Marine’s Everyday Carry [Blackscout Survival]

Chance Sanders EDC cover

Chance Sanders’ EDC Video on Black Scout Survival YouTube Channel

I like seeing what other guys put into their EDC as much as the next guy, but seeing what those that have military background put into their packs is especially interesting to me. Chance Sanders, US Marine mentions that he tends to lean towards first aid / buddy aid equipment in the loadout.

The bag is well thought out, but as I was watching it, sure, it’s a great bag for being prepared, but it doesn’t seem as much of an everyday carry so much as a “when shit goes wrong” or “stuck in the wilderness” bag. Not sure I’d have the folding saw or the water straw in mine because I live in urban environments, but that’s the beauty of Everyday Carry: You put what you want in your EDC that you find useful and usable. It’s not about what other people think you should have at all. Hell, my Maxped Fatboy even has a maxi-pad to bail out my wife or older daughter if that time of the month creeps up on them.

One thing that I do like that Chance mentions is that people tend to over stuff the EDC based on the size of the bag. I’ve done this before. I’ll put everything that I can fit into a bag, and it becomes either too heavy for EDC or it’s just cumbersome to find the one thing you’re looking for.

Here’s Chance Sander’s Load Out:

Source: BlackScoutSurvival on YouTube

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